The Golden Lion

Presenting Enrico Cassina

From noble residences and institutional or public buildings, to private houses, Enrico Cassina hardware has decorated numerous places over the last 150 years and is recognized as a symbol of elegance and style. The quality of art and materials in these creations allows beauty to remain intact over the years. Today, just as yesterday, Enrico Cassina products express a clear style and exceptional quality.

Classic Enrico Cassina


Quality Italian brass products in a large selection of styles and finishes.

Art Deco Enrico Cassina

Art Deco

Diamond polishing offers the smoothest finish on striking Deco levers and backplates.

Rococo Pop Enrico Cassina

Rococo Pop

A fun twist on classical brass hardware with bright enamel coating.

Moon Charme Enrico Cassina

Moon Charme

Brass knobs and levers with a choice of Swarovski crystals or Mother-of-Pearl inlays.

Mosaic Enrico Cassina


Large entry door hardware with mosaic tiles and gold or silver inlays.

Modern Enrico Cassina


Inspired by the 1950s, this designer line is made using state-of-the-art technology.

Enrico Cassina Classic EC-174


Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is the only material used as it is malleable yet also resistant to wear and tear. Always Italian made, it complies with EN12164 and EN12165, which ensure components are free of radioactivity.

Enrico Cassina Moon Charme EC-685


Few furnishing items experience the continual use and stress that handles do. Quality surface finishes are thus fundamental. The Enrico Cassina range uses a cataphoresis coating system (electrical deposition of coating resins) that ensures even the smallest details are coated. This process is much more environmentally friendly than the traditional nitrocellulose technique. For items exposed to particularly adverse environmental conditions: exposure to atmospheric agents, salt or extremely humid environments, extra durable PVD finishes are available.

New finish available – PVD Two Tones

Enrico Cassina Classic EC-241


Even the best finish is not very effective if impurities are present in the basic material. Pouring melted brass into a mold is the most convenient method for creating complex designs, but brass is a copper-zinc alloy and copper has an extremely high melting point. Melting brass causes the zinc to evaporate, creating microscopic bubbles in the solidified product. These imperfections promote oxidation and weaken finishes. Enrico Cassina products are thus created using a more complex method: hot forging. A brass bar is heated to 750°, placed in an open mold and then compressed by an extremely powerful press (the system includes presses up to 3,600 tons). This procedure creates products of extraordinary compactness since the brass is never melted.